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screenshot of npt thread ruler
Threaded port identification screenshot
UNF screw size chart screenshot
ANPT thread screenshot
Software for identifying and using NPT pipe and screw threads. Large number of pictures helps identify and select the proper AN fittings.
Screenshot of ruler for sizing npt fitting. Sizes both male and female fittings.
Screenshot shows how to identify a npt tapered pipe thread port from a SAE straight pipe thread boss. Shows when to use thread sealant and when to use a washer or o'ring to form the thread seal.
Screenshot of screw threads. Information on all the popular types of screw threads that the mechanic might run-across. UNF, UNJ, Acme, and more. Identification, usage and sizing charts.
Screenshot showing different types of pipe thread fittings. Usage, sizing, and advantages and disadvantages of each time. Discusses the ANPT thread used in the aerospace industry.
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Mechanic's Toolbox includes: Pipe thread charts, NPT thread charts. Specifications, sizes, and dimensions to help identify pipe threads and pipe thread ports. Along with 39 other programs for the mechanic.