Requirements: Windows 98, and above including Vista
But there's more -

Logbook is portable. What about training and experience the employee has already logged? Each employee's data is portable; the employee can give you his logbook data file and it becomes part of your company's logbook.

Logbook is transferable
What happens when the employee leaves your employment? They probably want a copy of their log for their own records. You can copy each employee's database log file and give it that employee. You still retain your copy.

As many logbooks as you want
A Part 145 Repair Station is required to keep training records for each employee. With Mechanic's Logbook you can keep a logbook for each aircraft mechanic. Add the employee's picture, customize work categories for each employee. Easily switch between employees. This allows you to easily document and track FAA training and experience for
your employees.

Customize each logbook - Many shops also need safety and other training documentation. In the option's page you can change the logbook title and categories to customize the logbook for your needs. Develop as many logbook's as you wish - then easily switch between logbooks from within the one program.
Take it with you technology -
runs from a USB drive
software for aircraft maintenance log
Mechanic's  Logbook
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Use our pre-made Skins or add your own picture to your logbook cover. You can make multiple logbooks each with its own cover
$15.95 includes 30 day satisfaction guarantee, free customer support and free updates.
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