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MIL-7928 and AS7928 aircraft electrical terminal showing proper crimp
Aircraft wire software includes all the information you need when selecting, and using airplane wire. Aircraft connectors, including crimp information, selection chart is also included. Wire terminals listing and discussion on proper usage.
Screenshot of Aircraft Open Wiring
MS25036 and MIL-T-7928 aircraft wire terminals
AS7928 and MIL-T-7928 aircraft electrical connectors
There are many types of aircraft electrical wire. The most common general purpose wire used in small aircraft is the MIL-W-22759/16 wire. Software lists all the different types of MIL-W-22759 aircraft wire.
Aircraft connectors are different than the UL connectors that you might be used to. They carry a MIl-spec number such as mS25036, or MS20659. Selection guide, differences and how to crimp and use is part of this software.
Shown above is a comparison between UL electrical connectors and MIL-T-7928 (AS7928) aircraft electrical connectors. Discussion of design difference and strength differences between the two. Aircraft Wire software makes you an expert on aerospace wire types and usage.
Software shows you the proper crimp to be used on aircraft wire terminals. AS7928 terminals have two crimps: a wire crimp and an insulation crimp. By using two crimps, wire vibration won't work harden and fatigue break the copper conductor. The Mil-w-22759 aircraft wire is held to the aircraft connector by the insulation crimp.
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