aircraft screw size examples
Machine Screw Sizes gauge sizes range from #000 to #14.

Starting at #0 size which is .060 inch at the thread's major diameter, all sizes above this (1-14) are larger by increments of .013 inch.

"four forty" screw is a #4 screw with 40 threads per inch.
"six thirty-two is a #6 screw with 32 threads per inch.
"eight thirty-two" is a #8 screw with 32 threads per inch.
"ten thirty-two" screw is a #10 screw with 32 threads per inch.

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Size        Diameter, inch        Usage

0 .0600 uncommon
1 .0730 uncomon
2 .0860 uncommon
3 .0990 uncommon
4 .1120
5 .1250 uncommon
6 .1380 commonly used small
8 .1640 very common
10 .1900 very common
12 .2160 common but large
1/4 .2500
5/16 .3125
3/8 .3750
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